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Citizen Kane vs. the Bicycle Thief - 1037 Words

Categorize into classical and modern groups, film have been analyzed for their themes and motifs. As a master of techniques, Citizen Kane falls into the classical category and demonstrating the Italian Neorealism, The Bicycle Thief fits the modern class. Both films use photography, mise en scene, editing, movement, and story similarly and differently to emphasize their personal themes. In both films, photography played a huge role to depict a theme. The use of camera angles, specific shots, and lighting in Citizen Kane, help support the idea of supremacy. In the political campaign scene, there is a long shot establishing Kane’s surroundings, which is overpowered by a monstrous poster of his face. This settles an undivided attention†¦show more content†¦Also adding to the realistic look, De Sica shot the film in Rome, with its architecture highly visible in the Ambrosini 3 frame; because of this the viewer is easily submerged into the environment and surroundings of the film for an understanding of the problems. Both films use an asymmetrical, unbalanced composition. In Citizen Kane to show the unorganized, limitless mentality of Kane reflected in his belongings, and in The Bicycle Thief, to depict the amount of people striving to â€Å"survive† after a cultural, social, political and economic drainage. Through the editing and story, both films deliver a theme. In Citizen Kane, editing is used to show marriage over time. Since the editing is based on the character that is being interviewed, the story, in flashbacks, jumps from days, to months, to years creating a formalistic narrative. In the scene where Kane sits with his wife to eat, he proposes his love and care towards her. The next shot is months later, and he speaks less to her and becomes more distant. After a few years (Kane becomes old), they sit at opposite sides of the table and don’t share a word. This editing supports the fact that overtime marriage changes in a negative way and allows the viewer to clearly see this â€Å"theory.†Although is years later, the shots connect because the event is happening at the same place, with the same people, doing the same thing, and therefore creates continuity. On the other hand,Show MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages6 (2005), pp. 1185–1203; and S. E. Scullen, M. K. Mount, and T. A. Judge, â€Å"Evidence of the Construct Validity of Developmental Ratings of Managerial Performance,† Journal of Applied Psychology 88, no. 1 (2003), pp. 50–66. 9. F. Luthans, â€Å"Successful vs. Effective Real Managers,† Academy of Management Executive (May 1988), pp. 127–132; and F. Luthans, R. M. Hodgetts, and S. A. Rosenkrantz, Real Managers (Cambridge, MA: Ballinge r, 1988). See also F. Shipper and J. Davy, â€Å"A Model and Investigation of

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Essay on Ellisons King of the Bingo Game - 1076 Words

Ellisons King of the Bingo Game Ellisons King of the Bingo Game encompasses a variety of different implications that transform an otherwise sad short story into a political statement regarding racial injustice towards African Americans. Ellisons use of colors, slang phrases, names, irony, and his almost constant use of metaphor change otherwise meaningless sentences into poignant testimonial of disparity. This exceptional use of language, in conjunction to the hardships African Americans faced at the time of the stories conception allow it to paint a picture of inequality and prejudice that insight insanity into the main character. As the story begins Ellison?s main character, the man who remains nameless is described as†¦show more content†¦Also he writes that the man is surrounded by the darkness of the theater, consumed by it, and with the white light ahead and on stage he is alone, and lonely in the darkness, playing the game. These are all references to how invisible and alone the man is. When he actually wins bingo the story goes from metaphor to reality. As he steps on stage the men on stage berate him with racial slurs, as does the crowd. They call him ?boy,? and say that ?he?s one of the chosen people.? People yell, ?Are you all-reet,? and the announcer says ?So you decided to come off that mountain to the U.S.? All of this confuses the man because he is so consumed with the desire to win the money that he can not understand they are making fun of him. He cautiously grins, knowing that they are probably making fun of him, but he is consumed with his own anxiety. What he does understand is that the spin is his only chance to bring life back to his only companion. The thought of loosing the spin and the money makes him believe that his life will become unlivable if winning is not the outcome. He unconsciously knows that he must win, or Laura will die and he will become completely alone and helpless. As these thoughts cross his mind he pushes the button, and the process of spinning the wheel begins. Blood rushes to his head, and immediately his sense of reality disappears. The spin will determine his entire outcome, or so it seems, and theShow MoreRelatedPrejudice in King of the Bingo Game938 Words   |  4 PagesRalph Ellison’s â€Å"King of the Bingo Game† is the story about an unnamed black man, in the 1930’s, who is hoping to win the bingo game that is being held at the local cinema, in order win enough money to pay for his gravely ill wife to see a doctor. The central idea of this story is about race, and the inabili ty for a person to be the master of his or her own destiny, when they live in an unfair and prejudicial system. The main character is completely alienated from the world around him. He is aRead MoreInternal And External Conflicts Of The Narrator862 Words   |  4 Pagesexternal conflicts of the protagonist The narrator of Ralph Ellison’s â€Å"King of the Bingo Game† is a scared but fighting man. The protagonist of this story is an African American man. He is from Rocky Mont, North Carolina. In the story, his wife Laura is ill and will die if they are not able to take her to a doctor. He is playing a game of bingo in order to try to win the daily jackpot, so he can take Laura to the doctors. He gets bingo and is called up to the front to spin the wheel, but when heRead More The Distinguished Works of the Preeminent Black Author, Ralph Ellison2059 Words   |  9 Pagesthe novelist Richard Wright (Kennedy and Gioia). In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Ellison was primarily an essayist who was published in several American periodicals. It was in these early years that he wrote King of the Bingo Game and the Buster and Riley trilogy. In 1952, Ellisons Invisible Man was published in what became his most notable work. Invisible Man won Ellison numerous honors including the Na tional Book Award in 1953 (Kennedy and Gioia). Ellison continued to write short storiesRead MoreKing of the Bingo Game1745 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis of â€Å"King of the Bingo Game† Ideas of slavery, identity, and what is acceptable behavior differ greatly in the past-Civil War North and South. Ralph Ellison’s â€Å"King of the Bingo Game† depicts how traditional southern slave mentalities are in conflict even after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of the slaves, leading many, like the nameless main character to try and find a new identity and giving him a taste of power to control his life and the lives of others. From the beginningRead MoreThemes and Styles of Ralph Ellison3336 Words   |  14 Pagesdialect of Faulkner and Jones vernacular locations. He is sensitive to black speech especially by calling it our own version of English. American language shows directness, flexibility and imagery to the Negro presence (Tuttleton 296). Overall, Ellisons perspective shown in his works is very personal. He concerns himself with more personal matters than social. He has tried hard to protect and prove his distinctness, his difference from various predefined ideas of his identity. He refuses to be definedRead MoreEssay on Ralph Ellison Living with Music1434 Words   |  6 Pageshis youth by his mother bringing books and magazines home for him from the houses she cleaned. In addition, a black episcopal priest in the city challenged the white custom of barring blacks from the public library and the custom was overturned. Ellisons horizons were broadened to a world outside his own sheltered life in Oklahoma City, by the many books now available to him in the library. During his teenage years, Ellison and his friends imagined being the eclectic combination of frontiersmenRead MoreBlack Boy : Breaking The Chains Of Mental Slavery1720 Words   |  7 Pagesstill believes both blacks and whites have a long way to go. His views become much more positive and he expresses a strong sense of independence and comfort in the man that he has become. Slave: A new Spelling of my Name 5. Ralph Ellison’s â€Å"King of the Bingo Game† depicts the slave mentality post Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of the slaves. After the Emancipation Proclamation many former slaves took this time to embark on new journeys of self-exploration. The story begins with the nameless

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Alternate Dispute Resolution Tools Free Essays

The ADR processes attempt to reconcile the differences that arise between commercial corporations. The services of a third party, which are in general voluntary, are employed for this purpose. This third party promotes negotiations, assists in resolving differences and formulates agreements that are agreeable to both the disputing parties. We will write a custom essay sample on Alternate Dispute Resolution Tools or any similar topic only for you Order Now Arbitration and mediation constitute the principal tools of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution Overview ). There are a number of advantages of resorting to the ADR mechanism. Some of these are that the cost is much less in comparison to the judicial system. In addition, ADR brings about a rapprochement between the disputing parties, which generally improves their relations. This is due to the fact that the ADR process concentrates on the requirements of the parties, unlike a formal judicial process that focuses on the legal position of the parties. Moreover, in the mediation process, the agreement is made by the parties themselves, which ensures greater commitment than a court order and the agreement is comparatively more accommodative. Further, adoption of the ADR process does not preclude the right to resort to the traditional legal procedures (Alternative Dispute Resolution Overview ). In the mediation process a third party that is neutral and adequately trained helps the parties to resolve their dispute. The aim of this third party is to shift the focus from legal positions to the actual interests, which are affected of the parties. The mediation process is bereft of rules of evidence and lawyers. The atmosphere is informal and conducive to dispute resolution. In addition, this process is absolutely confidential and there are no records of the meetings, moreover any notes taken down by the mediators during the process are destroyed. Furthermore, the process is speedy and inexpensive. This process is ideal if time available with the parties is limited, because resolution, in general, is achieved within a couple of sessions (Alternative Dispute Resolution Overview ). In the world of adjudication, the arbitration rules of London Court of International Arbitration, the London Maritime Arbitrator’s Association Terms, the UNCITRAL and the ICC are well known. The alternative dispute resolution or ADR process suffers from the disadvantage that its decisions cannot be made sufficiently binding from the legal perspective. Such international agreements cannot be enforced by the authorities in the absence of a court decision, which would be disproportionate to the amount involved. This promotes repudiation of contracts by unscrupulous parties, because the cost of enforcing the contract would be exorbitant (Redfern Hunter, 1999. Pp. 3 – 4). Conservative estimates of litigation costs in the US legal system estimate them to be around a hundred billion dollars per annum, whereas others consider this amount to be more than three times this estimated amount. Some of the direct expenses that constitute this huge amount are legal fees, awards to the jury, expenditure incurred in copying and organizing, fees to be paid to expert witnesses. There are also a number of indirect expenses like loss of reputation that corporations have to endure and loss due to management having to curtail its business activities, in order to concentrate on the litigation. This has made ADR a very attractive alternative for many corporations in the US. If the participants in the process of the ADR approach their differences in a positive and fair manner, then this process can bring about dispute resolution that improves their commercial relations. However, if such an attitude is lacking, then the ADR process can prove to be no less time consuming and expensive in comparison to the usual judicial process for resolving commercial disputes (Netzley, December, 2001). American companies that perform in other countries generally resort to arbitration, in order to settle commercial disputes, because of the uncertainty associated with the legal systems extant in those countries. The best environment for arbitration to succeed transpires when there are only two parties that are absolutely clear about their legal status. Arbitration agreements are enforced in totality by the courts. However, the rules pertaining to evidence are not strictly adhered to in such proceedings (Sido, Dec2005 ). Although, arbitration and litigation are expensive processes, the former is more expeditious, involves less expenditure and has the added advantage of confidentiality. However, arbitration involves charges for filing that are ever on the increase and there is no scope for appealing against an arbitral decision. Mediation on the other hand is extremely flexible and much more attractive in comparison to the arbitration process, because in an arbitration process it not clear as to which party would emerge victorious. There are no losers in a mediation process; there are only parties who have agreed to resolve their differences in an amicable manner (Sido, Dec2005 ). Arbitration is akin to the traditional litigation process in many respects, whereas mediation has the advantage of being confidential and informal. Moreover, in mediation there is no compulsion to adhere to a disagreeable decision (Packer, 2004). A number of US corporations have resorted to ADR in respect of disputes, because of the prolonged and expensive procedures of the normal court and international tribunal procedures. However, in the ADR process, arbitration process is not that attractive, because it entails decisions that cannot be appealed against and in addition it is quite similar to the regular court or tribunal process. The most popular process is that of mediation, because it is more of a consultative process and the principal objective is to arrive at an agreement that takes into account, the viewpoints and interests of the parties to the dispute. Moreover, there is no compulsion to implicitly follow the decision arrived at in this process. In addition, the cost involved is also comparatively much less. References Alternative Dispute Resolution Overview . (n. d. ). Retrieved November 8, 2007, from CADR: http://www. dot. gov/ost/ogc/CADR/overview. html Netzley, M. (December, 2001). Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Business (and) Communication Strategy . Business Communication Quarterly , Vol. 64, No. 4, Pp. 83 – 89. Packer, A. J. (2004). An interview with Bill Carter. Retrieved November 8, 2007, from Oregon State Bar. Elder Law Newsletter: http://www. osbar. org/_docs/sections/elder/newsletters/elder_spring04. pdf Redfern, A. , Hunter, M. (1999. Pp. 3 – 4). Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration . London: 3rd ed, Sweet Maxwell. Sido, K. (Dec2005 ). Avoiding the Courtroom Through Mediation or Arbitration . Consulting-Specifying Engineer , Vol. 38, Iss. 6, Pp. 65-66. How to cite Alternate Dispute Resolution Tools, Papers

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Working Hard free essay sample

Four years ago, I Joined a company as a new employee right after I graduated from university. I had not needed to work for my tuition or entertainment and I told my father that if he paid for my education before I got a Job, I could concentrate more on my studies. At that time, I didnt know how hard it was to make money! However, making money by myself taught me about the value of money and the loving efforts of my parents. Before I got a Job, I thought that getting money from parents was reasonable, but I know now that this was wrong. When I got a first project in another province, I ouldnt do anything other than work because I was working about 16 hours a day without holidays for two months. I got only 2 days off for my sisters wedding ceremony in Taiwan! At that time, I wasnt only in charge of supervising procedures of construction but also in charge of the delivery of equipment. We will write a custom essay sample on Working Hard or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page So I worked outside for a long time everyday in harsh cold weather. I felt that this was harder than military service and I missed my parents faces. I realized how much they struggled, tried, and did their best to bring up their children and I appreciated their effort. In addition, I also learned about the value of money. Before I got a Job, I Just had used money without consideration because money came easily from my parents, not my own effort. However, after I started work, I couldnt use money easily especially for me. For 1 year, I couldnt buy anything special for myself. Actually, I really wanted to buy a good car because I had never had my own car before and had waited for a car about 27years! Also, it is possible for me to buy a car using my salary, but I decided to wait and I Just used the money for my family or my girlfriend because I felt ncomfortable when I tried to buy something for myself. After these experiences, I learned about the value of money and how to spend money wisely. Becoming an employee with hard work was quite different from being a student. I didnt learn only the value of the money but also how much parents tried to bring up their children. Since I got a Job, I havent taken any financial help from my parents, even in my marriage. Parents support was good enough when I was young, and now it is my turn to return some of their efforts as much as I can. Working Hard By dongheebyun

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Essay on Good Of media

Essay on Good Of media Essay on Good Of media Telem Johnson March 21 2014 Mrs. Howerton & Mrs. Sartain English 2 ESS. Period 3 â€Å"Journey too A Championship â€Å" The Boy woke up around 5:00 am to get ready for the big day. Although the night before he packed all his clothes, Nike equipment and socks and shoes and he was mentally and physically prepared for the week of his life, when he was all done the family packed the car with all the suit cases and traveled to Oklahoma for their annual basketball tournament. Thus when he got there the family checked in to the hotel rested up a bit and was back at it again the family went to go get some lunch at Golden Corral they were there for a while then it was time to go back to the hotel for the team orientation. Subsequently, there he will see all the teams and coaches and receive information about the times his team will play and all the locations of different eating spots. Although Now it was 1 hour till game time and the boys were all getting pumped up, he got back to the hotel and started to get dressed for the big day he grabbed his bag and his bottles and began to walk down the hallways to get to the car he waited for his brothers dad and mom as they were as pumped as him. When they got to the arena he jumped out the car with such a flash it was like lightning struck him he walked inside, and right away his blood was pumping faster and faster as he got closer to the door he met up with his team that was sitting on the other side of the court he hustled over as he had a serious face on him they were sitting and waiting for the game to finish and as they sat and waited they went over there strategy and plays as the time was winding down they gathered there things and began to walk to the bench. As they walked by the other team they saw all the sweat coming down from there face and as they put their things down they began to warm up they started with layups and then shots then the buzzer went off. Both teams went back to their side as everybody’s blood was rushing as the ball got thrown up into the air and the fans got quit i t felt like everything was in slow motion that timed just stop and we all knew it was game time we went back and forth scouring by this time nobody knew who was going to win as we entered the 2nd quarter the 3rd quarter we were tired and sweaty all we saw were bodies falling on the floor, bodies jumping up and down; refs blowing their whistle the crowds were getting louder as we entered the 4th quarter every players legs where tired the boys said it felt like have been running for day or even months they said it’s like a war out there and we got to play like men if we want to when this for our city and state the coaches voice was gone by this time but that didn’t stop him he still was pushing himself because he wanted the championship. Although this was It the boy says the coach tells them, We have exactly 4:00 left in this quarter so that means we cannot give up, Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent fails to Work Hard the coach told them. That got the team really p umped and ready to take on anything that was going to come. With 2:00 left on the score board the boys were playing the hardest they have every played, They grabbed every loose ball and rebound because they knew they were going to win this not for their state but for themselves they wanted to be able to tell all there friends’ and family that they were state champions. Howsoever with one minute to play the boys friends got a unbelievable shot that shocked the whole arena you could hear your own heart beat as everybody got quit; then out of nowhere there was screaming and chanting it was so loud it felt like the arena was shaking the quarter ended we were tied

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The role of national governments and civil servants with reference to Essay

The role of national governments and civil servants with reference to criteria such as equity, efficiency, democracy and public interest and examine concrete st - Essay Example As to how the government should maintain its sovereignty and obligation, it must ensure equity, efficiency, democracy and public interest such as for instance; it must be able to give its people their right for a quality and standard education, accessible health opportunities and facilities and good governance as a whole which at some point, must be free from corruption. Corruption may involve cash or economic benefits, power or influence, or even less-tangible interests, and occurs in both government and the private sectors, in free-market and closed economies and in democratic and non-democratic governments and societies (United Nations 2008). In today’s global economic setting, much can be said about the role and tasks of the government for we are entirely into a new shift, from traditional to modern way of governance. Sparapani (2008) commented that the main tasks for the government are allocation of resources, redistribution of income, stabilization of economic activity and promotion of growth and employment. This is based on an economic perspective that applies to modern national economy which the bottom line is to ensure equity, efficiency, democracy and public interest first. In this paper, I will try to expound these four areas in governance and relate them to the government of Cyprus, a country, among any others that has a remarkable and unique history and story to tell in the world. The first practical examples will be based on the e-Government, for this is the latest and a remarkable innovation of governance in our era where technology gets a higher correlation with the advancement of an entire country and individuals living in it. In today’s age of breakthrough technology and advanced information technology (IT) and where almost anything can just be possible right at everybody’s doorsteps, it would no longer be impossible for myriad of information to penetrate just right away into everyone’s home. It is